When selecting doors for a property, you have to consider a number of vital features. It should be made from a sturdy, reliable material which offers excellent security. Along with protecting the property, the door should also be able to save your money by preventing frequent maintenance.

The Importance of a Composite Door:

When discussing doors, you cannot ignore the importance of doors made of composite materials. These are known for exemplary design, good heat efficiency and enhanced security. As the name suggests, composite doors are made of more than one raw material.

Common Issues in a Composite Material Door:

Using composite doors in Cardiff for a long time may cause some problems. We analyse them and provide some solutions in the following section.

  • Swelled Doors: Like UPVC or wooden doors, composite is a material that can warp due to prolonged exposure to moisture. It is one of the common queries among homeowners. The main cause of this problem is oversized doors. The doors will naturally swell and expand due to their exposure to the sun and moisture. This problem can affect you more if you plan to place your door facing south.
  • Sticking Locks: It is an issue that is primarily caused due to lack of maintenance. It is an extremely inconvenient situation, which can spiral on to become a security issue. You can avoid this problem by taking care of the doors. Try lubricating the door lock every six months to ensure a smooth operation. However, it is advisable not to use oil-based lubricants on the door cylinder.
  • Door Staining: It is another common issue that can affect your composite doors. It is a reaction that happens due to natural wear and tear. The stains can be manifold, from weather stains to the muddy paw of your pets. To eliminate this problem, you must clean the stained door surface with a wet cloth piece.
  • Worn Out Weather Seals: If your composite door suffers from this problem, it can fail to perform its primary function. The weather seals are important installations that keep your home interiors cosy and warm. In case you spot any damage, you can get rid of the problem by replacing it timely.

These are some common issues of composite doors that you may face. To buy the doors from a reliable source, contact Cosy Warmth Windows. We are one of the leading names for supplying composite doors in Cardiff. To learn more, you can visit our website today.