There has always been a debate regarding window installation between double and single pane windows. Many homeowners wonder why they need a double-pane glass window. The type of window pane you install will help you save energy and increase the energy efficiency level of your house. The number of glass panels plays an important role in impacting the comfort level of your house. Hence if you are thinking of installing new windows in Cardiff, make sure that you consult with professionals in this matter. They will guide you on the type of window glass pane suitable for your house.

If you are unable to make a decision, here’s a brief view on the differences between the two types of window panes. 

What are single pane windows? 

If you install windows with only one layer of glass, then it is a single-pane window. Windows with a single layer cannot cut down the external noise or control the temperature levels. Do you have an apartment near the busy streets? If yes, there are better choices than a single-pane window for you. Moreover, depending on the type of weather prevailing in your locality, you must make the selection. Since it’s only a single layer of glass, temperature control is insufficient in these windows. 

What are double pane windows?  

Instead of a single layer of glass, when you impose a double layer of glass in your window, the thickness of the same increases. Generally, double-layered windows have a thin layer of space between the two layers. The air trapped in between the two layers helps in insulation. So even if the colder temperature passes through the first layer of glass, the second layer protects the temperature from coming inside. Hence you can enjoy consistent temperatures inside the house.

Difference between single and double-paned windows 

The overall window market consists of these two types of windows. Choosing the correct window is thus a daunting task for homeowners. Although a double pane window might cost more, the investment is worth every penny. By installing a double pane window; you can save electricity in winter and summer. Moreover, unlike single pane windows, double pane windows can block noise from entering the premises. So you cannot only keep the temperature consistent but also keep a peaceful environment within the house. 

Usually, there’s a krypton or argon gas layer between the two double-pane window layers. Hence double-paned windows are more energy efficient compared to single-paned windows. However, if you live in a country with a manageable temperature, you can make a single-paned window work. 

Again, a double-paned window uses a more elaborate design and is more expensive than a single-paned window. The primary and notable difference when you switch from a single pane to a double pane window will be the improvement in your home’s insulation level. Hence, make your decision accordingly.

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