Every double and triple-glazed window has a window seal. A window seal is a seal that goes around the perimeter of a window. It helps to keep the air and water out, and it also helps to insulate the window. However, if there is a seal, it will probably fail. Hence, please keep your eyes open for these signs and hire experts for windows in Cardiff as soon as you face them. This way, you can prevent the complete window from getting damaged. 

To know more about the seal and the signs of failing the same, read on.

What is a window seal?

A window seal is a sealant that is applied to the perimeter of a window to create an airtight and waterproof seal. Window seals can fail for several reasons, including poor installation, age, and exposure to the elements. However, it would be best if you kept an eye out for the same. The window seals are generally constructed using 2 or 3 glass panes separated by a thermal space. The thermal space in between is filled with inert gas.  

How to understand that the window seal has failed?

Windows condensation is high

The purpose of installing window seals is to create a thermal barrier between the interior and exterior windows. When the condensation starts forming, then you must know that it’s time for the window seals to be replaced or repaired. The moisture generally becomes trapped in between the seals, and the same is visible in the form of condensation. When you notice this problem, ensure the seals are not working correctly, and call a professional expert to get it fixed at the earliest. 

Distorted windows

The seals have been designed to keep the window panes intact. Hence when you notice that the panes have been distorted, it’s time to fix the seal. To understand this situation, make sure you stand outside and observe the window from the outside. This will help you to check the centre alignment of the window panes. 

Windows appear dirty

If you find that the windows have become dirty, then it’s a sure shot sign that the seals are not working; hence, all the dust and dirt is entering the indoors. Small dust particles get blown inside the panes, especially on windy days, and get stuck into the panes. Even the small bugs work their way into the window panes. 

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