There are two major residential door options. The demand for solid wood and composite doors is constantly competitive. While timber doors offer timeless visual appeal, composite doors offer the right blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The Popularity of Composite Doors:

Thanks to their many advantages, composite doors have become a top choice for most homeowners. The composite doors dealers in Cardiff offer different themes. The composite variants resemble the properties of solid timber and protect the property from various external elements.

Comparison Between Wooden and Composite Doors:

A detailed study of the two types of doors will help you find the suitable choice for your property. Here is a comparison highlighting the vital differences between them.

  • Longevity: Timber and composite doors differ significantly in overall longevity. As a property owner, you would want an option that lasts longer and saves you considerable money. Timber doors are characteristically stronger than composite ones. However, they need much care and maintenance for a smoother and more extended run. Composite doors do not require frequent re-sealing to remain in an optimum condition.
  • Installation: The installation process is complex, as wooden doors are made from hefty timber. Holding them in place requires technical precision that demands the assistance of experts. On the other hand, composite doors are light in weight. It is easier to align them across a frame. You can employ a DIY process to put the doors in place.
  • Visual Appeal: This is a subjective point of discussion as the perception of aesthetics varies between individuals. However, solid timber doors look much more exotic and classy. Composite doors, at best, can mimic the aesthetic properties of wooden doors. However, they are much more flexible in applying unique designs and patterns.
  • Cost: When discussing the cost of the two doors, the composite ones are much more cost-effective than the timber ones. At a reduced price, they provide excellent protection from natural agents and are assured of outstanding performance and longevity.

Upon analysing these properties, you can clearly understand which is better. Invest in composite doors in Cardiff by sourcing them from Cosy Warmth Windows. We are a reliable supplier and installer offering the best quality composite fixtures at the best price. For more information, you can visit our website today.