Windows are no more a piece of glass. They are designed to let the natural light inside the house. Depending on the place in the property where you’re planning to install the window, the style of the window will vary. Again from apartments to suburbs, the styles of windows again vary. The moment you walk into the shops for windows in Cwmbran, you’ll come across many window styles that you can choose from. 

While some window styles are easier to open, others might allow ventilation but will not be easier to operate. Again you’ll find a range of energy-efficient windows that will prevent the interiors of your home from getting heated up.

Before you decide to buy a window for your house, check out the range of window options available for your house. 

Five different types of windows available for house property

Single hanging window 

These windows are classic in terms of design. The fixed upper sash characterises them, and the other sash is generally movable. The lower sash is typically movable and slides down at the bottom because this helps to open the window immediately. The top part of the sash window generally remains stationary at the top. 

Customised windows

A customised window is the best option if you want a window that fits every nook and corner of the house. With a customised window, you can choose the perfect style, colour and design that you’re looking for. Custom windows provide a high amount of flexibility in terms of design. 

Bow window

Bow windows are the same design as the bay windows. They are generally expensive and hence are not opted for by all homeowners. This type of window creates a circular area outside the property through which ventilation can be ensured. You can also use the same as a small shelf. 

Casement window 

Casement windows are generally found in traditional architectures. They are the antique version of the single sash windows and can be opened with a single hinge. They were treated to be romantic by many people earlier; however, now, homeowners find using casement windows difficult.

Slider window 

As the name suggests, the slider window includes two sashes generally installed in a horizontal manner that opens and closes by sliding at one point. These windows are commonly installed inside the kitchens near the counters or the sinks. 

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